About Us


Welcome to my website. Hope you enjoy your time here!!!

My name is Djedji Serge Aboa, call me Shad. I come from a beautiful country ” Must visit ” in West Africa called Cote d’Ivoire.

Do you like coffee and chocolate? So you know the country of Ivory Coast on West Africa. # 1 Producer of cocoa. The famous footballer Didier Drogba is my fellow country man.

I live in Montreal, Canada with my family. I am happy husband and father of 2 princesses and 2 princes. Gender balanced, isn’t it? I am passionate about Science and Technology, Human Development. And you know? I am so passionate; my passion has become my profession.

I collaborate with individuals and organisations, national and international. I’m a Certified IT Professional (MCT-MCE-MCSE-MCTS-Security +, etc.), Organisation Learning & Development Specialist and a Career Coach (Capacity Building and Career Development).

My Work

In my professional computer career, I had the opportunity to carry out projects for schools, governments and companies in different countries; Preparing individuals and organizations for international certifications.

I have also deployed and managed medium and large size network systems on high-level national projects with partners such as the World Bank, the European Union, UNOPS, and others.

I have also had the privilege of serving with the United Nations for the past (8) years as Senior Staff, Head of Training Department in Peacekeeping Missions in Africa and North America.

I continue to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals and missions effectively and efficiently through training, coaching and mentoring.

My vision

I believe we all have a part to play, a line to write, a soul to help… wherever is your call, run to it accomplish it. For success is not about doing great things but doing things that matter. Through www.shadaboa.com I wish to share my experience my expertise my passion and also my hopes. Hope to see each and every one find his/her destiny, seize it and fulfill it.

By coaching, we want to build stronger teams through the synergy of individual strengths and aptitudes for better performing organizations. I want to participate in strengthening social cohesion, love; sharing and promoting cultural diversity that represent an inestimable value for the people and a token of prosperity for nations.

I want this site to be as a legacy to my generation and to the next ones. May they find landmarks, models, tools and more, to inspire and motivate everyone to excellence, make a difference in our daily endeavours.

A hand to reach out, you will find, an active ear to listen you will get, even better a person who believes in you and your potential.

You cannot change THE world but you can change YOUR world.


Background and Experience include

I dont claim to be the best, yet I do the best way possible what I know to do best. Besides I always strive for continuous learning to be at the utmost of my art and practice. I believe that your Degree can get you a job, yet certifications entrust you the expertise and credibility to carry out with confiendence projects and assignments.

I continue to support people and organisation to achieve their objectives and goals in an effective and efficient way through Training, Coaching and Mentoring for optimum team and individual performance and self development.



Certifications in Information Technology and Training